Few times ago, Rules of Survival is officially released in the market. The game is firstly available at iOS then after that it available too at Android. On this game, you will be the one player from 120 players. The game will start when you are plunge from the airplane until you landed at one island and ready for the battle. When you addicted to the battle game then you should try this game now. It will make you remind about another game named PUBG but of course there will be no same.

Commonly, the game player will see about the game graphic. The graphic of this game is well prepared. The 3D graphic is very amaze. That will become the first good point of this game. The second is about the game control that is simple and easy to use. You can play this game in single mode player, dual player or even squad player. If you play this game as a team then you should focus to work together. The first tips is that after you plunge from the air plane then you should soon go to the building and get some weapon and protection needed. When you want to be the winner then you should have a good strategy. Your safe zones will also getting smaller and you have two choices whether you want to stay or attack your enemy. A rule of Survival is not a common game but more than a game. It is about the real battle between life and death.

Another good thing about this game is that Rules of Survival can easily change the first position of the Mobile Legend. This Rules of Survival game is very interesting to play. When you first play this game then you will directly know that the game is much recommended. The game developer gives you complete feature with clear graphic that will make you enjoy the game much. You will meet the bug on the first time but it delete soon. For the smart phone game category, Rules of Survival has perfect graphic. This game is also kind of light game that will make your gadget become so slow. It can play even in low specification gadget. For the game play feature you can use it better. Even when you are the new gamers then you will never confuse when you play this game on the first time.

You can just press the button for shooting your enemy, run, jumping, get the weapon and squat also lie down to hide from enemy attack. You can also drive your vehicles on this game. Several of vehicles can be yours. Beside that, you will also get some game feature that you should try. Each of them will make your experiences higher. For the feature such as:

  • You will meet three servers that you can choose to play. The servers are Europe, Asia and North America. Choose one server that you like most. Each server will give you different characters.
  • This game also gives you several of characters. You can use the boy or girl characters. You can also complete them with the clothes, hair style and accessories. The developer will always update the collection of them.
  • The next feature is the game mode. This feature is the starter feature that you can use to play. There are two different modes that you can choose. The first is custom mode and the second is ranked mode. Besides that, you can also choose the way of playing this game.
  • Rules of Survival also give you friend feature. Just add new friends on your friends list. You can also have some chat by adding some emoticon and invite your friend to play together.
  • When you have the battle to your enemy then you can drive the vehicles. You can get bicycle, motorcycle and also car.
  • For the weapon, you can get some weapons that you can use during your game play such as sniper, shotgun, gun and also MP7. You can also find weapons that similar like doll.

For the game connection is also good enough because there is no error system. The connection that you should have is the stable one. Here is some new that available on this game like hard lock system in enabled mode, get the matchmaking rules in adjustment, you find the new button sound in the game menu, etc. The game is last updated on 21st December 2017. Children under 16 years old are not allowed to play this game because it contains strong violence. This game is good for adult only.

Rules of Survival Hack Tools

When you really want to play the Rules of Survival game then you should know about the Rules of Survival cheats. Just go to the hack tools site then enter your username. You can also input your Facebook Id. After that you can select the platform. You need to choose between iOs or Android then enable the encryption. Just connect for the simulator and wait for seconds. After the connection is successful then you will find the game generator. Choose the gold amount that available from 250000, 500000, 750000 and 1000000. Then you also need to choose the diamonds amount that available from 250000, 500000, 750000 and the biggest is 1000000. After choosing those two things then click generate. You will find the human verification step that you need to complete. For the verify step you need to click on verify button then choose the offering then complete it. The process may take longer and you should wait until it’s done. When the process is done then you may restarts your gadget then wait for a while before start to play the Rules of Survival game.

On the human verification step you should wait for the process. Do not cut the process unless you want to start it again from the beginning. Make sure you also have good and high speed for the internet connection. Some process trouble because of the unstable connection and it will disturb you much.

Rules of Survival Hack Online Features:
• Get Coins
• Get Gems
• Tested on Android , iOS devices as well as iPhone , iPad , iPod , iPad Mini
• You don’t need to root your Android device or jailbreak your iOS device!
• 24/7 free online access!
• There’s no need to download or install anything at all!
• These hacks are updated at the same time with the games!
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• It has a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use by any person , no matter the age
• Gain access to unlimited Coins and Gems and get a huge advantage in this Rules of Survival game

Steps to follow for this Rules of Survival Hack Online:
1 – Click on the “Access Online Generator” button available below to access our Rules of Survival hack online page!
2 – If you are using an Android , iOS , Windows device enter your Rules of Survival username and select your platform! If you have a computer or a notebook connect the device to the PC , Notebook , Mac via USB cable/bluetooth and choose the device then add the name of the device in the username field. Very important after you connect the device open the game and leave the game open to read the data from the game account. After this steps just click the button Connect.
3 – Select the number of Coins and Gems you want to have added to your account and click on “Generate”.
4 – Wait only a few seconds for your request to be processed!
5 – After your request will be processed you will have to finish a verification formality. Don’t worry , it’s really easy! We do this because we need to prevent abusive usage of our cheats. It will be very hard to keep the hacks working if they will be overloaded by fake accounts owners.
6 – As soon as you will finish the verification you will need to reboot the game and the Coins and Gems will appear in your account!
7 – Take advantage of our Rules of Survival Hack Online and become one of the best players of this game!

Very important!!! Don’t miss any of the steps listed above! If you encounter any errors while using our Rules of Survival Hack Online please contact our support team. You can do this from our contact page and we will do our best to offer the best solution to any issues you might have.
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