Today i am back with another dissidia Ąnal fantasy NT guide, and this time i’m gonna be showing you a very easy and quick method, to level up your oĈine
rank, your player level, also your AI level, your story level, and on top of this you’ll also be getting a lot of those treasure tokens, story tokens and a lot of Gil as
So this is pretty much it encompasses everything in the oĈine battle. And it’s a really quick and eĂective. And the best thing about this method is that it is
incredibly easy and anybody can do it.
So what you’re gonna do is go over to gauntlet mode and then we’re gonna come down to core battles. So once you come into the character select, you’re
gonna want to choose a stola or your Staller, from Ąnal fantasy xiv. Now I haven’t found any other character that’s quite as eĂective as her. But if you guys Ąnd
something that works even better then leave it down in the comment section below.But you just want to choose her as your main character, and then you can
choose any one for your two other characters.

It’s a good idea here to choose two partners that you actually want to play the full game with, as they will beginning levels and experience as well. So you can
see here where stunning oĂers the bronze ranks. And what we’re gonna do is go into that Ąrst core battle, it doesn’t matter what opponent you choose and in
fact you should be choosing the highest ranked opponent you can each and every time. So once you get into battle all you’re gonna have to do is go over to
the enemies crystal, and you can target this by holding L2, and once you’ve targeted it, all you have to do is stay out of the forceĄeld. You don’t have to stay
too far back from it as long as your attacks are in range. And then it’s just a matter of pretty much mashing circle.
I Ąnd the most eĂective move to use here is to jump in the air and hold left on the analog stick, and press circle. And she’ll kind of do a tracking holy orb. But
also just pressing circle in the air is pretty good and it keeps you away from most people trying to attack you. But honestly pretty much the AI will pretty much
ignore you completely for the whole match. In fact I think the very hardest point for you is this very Ąrst run that you’re gonna do because your AI is gonna be
pretty dumb and it’s not gonna hold the attention of the computer for very long. But as long as you can get through those Ąrst six matches, it’s really gonna
pay oĂ.
So as long as you can sit here and spam the crystal it should be over pretty quickly. Know if you don’t know much about this mode you can only do damage to
that crystal when the enemies aren’t in the actual sphere. So what you want them to be doing is going oĂ and chasing your AI partners. So with the Ąrst battle
down all you’re gonna have to do now is complete those six battles, and each time that you get a higher level opponent they’ll always be at the top. So always
take on that high level opponent. And by doing this, by my second run I was actually taking on the nightmare and the chaos opponent. The Ąrst time I Ąnished
it, I managed to go all the way from bronze rank up to gold. So that is absolutely crazy. Although I will say I did get the full Japanese release, and I did all this
grinding myself I got all the way up to platinum I think on my tear characters, and it took me but the better part of a day to get there. But with this method I
was actually able to get to adamant, which is higher than platinum within a few hours.
So I believe they reduced the amount of experience you need to get between levels on this or ranks in this. So it’s gonna be a very fast process. The good thing
about this method too is that you will be getting those story tokens, which can take a long time To unlock. So this is gonna make that method a bit faster for
people that just want to concentrate on the story mode as well as this you’re gonna be getting story of levels as well and the higher your story level the more
damage and more buĂs you get in the actual story mode.
So again is gonna make that story mode easier on top of that you’ll also be leveling your AI partners as well and that’s really gonna help in a lot of these story
battles. Generally your AI will be remain one rank below you so every time you rank up, your computer will follow you pretty much one rank behind so it really
takes even more grinding out of it. So there you go guys a very easy method to level up all of your levels and get Gil and those treasure tokens as well.

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